Kluun on Author Visit in Leende

15 mei 2024

On Wednesday evening, May 15, at 8:00 PM, Kluun will visit the Community Center de Schammert in Leende. This is at the invitation of the Dommeldal Library and the Friends of the Library Heeze - Leende.

Kluun, whose real name is Raymond van de Klundert (born 1964), is a Dutch author known for his humorous and sometimes controversial style. His debut novel "Love Life" from 2003 was a huge success and has been translated into several languages, selling over 1.2 million copies. Since then, he has published about ten books.

"Help, I Have a Teenager!" is one of Kluun’s later works, published in 2022. This book focuses on the challenges of parenting teenagers. Kluun often shares anecdotes from his own life and family, taking the reader through the ups and downs of dealing with adolescent children. This is done with a lot of humor and an honest look at the reality of parenting in this stage of a child’s life.

The book offers not only entertaining stories but also practical advice and tips for parents in the same situation. In short, it's a true survival guide for parents of teenagers and a tribute to the teens themselves.

Reservations: Wednesday, May 15, Community Center de Schammert in Leende Doors open: 7:30 PM / Start: 8:00 PM / End: 10:00 PM Entry: €12.50 Includes a cup of coffee/tea

For registration and more information: www.bibliotheekdommeldal.nl/activiteiten