a special residential area with a social character

'The Brothers' is a multifunctional hospitality venue, located in the beating heart of the new residential area of Kloostervelden. Until recently, the area belonged entirely to the Kempenhaeghe Foundation and was more popularly known as Providentia. On the institutional grounds of Providentia, the clients of Kempenhaeghe lived in a fairly closed community.

Over the years, the philosophy in the field of residential care has changed considerably. There has always been a search for a way in which clients with disabilities can participate in today's society. At the time, Kempenhaeghe built more and more care homes in the villages around Sterksel. This resulted in an exodus from the institutional grounds of Providentia.

Residents with the most severe care indications continued to live at Providentia, making the grounds increasingly quiet and peaceful. In the late 1990s, the idea was conceived to revitalize Providentia. Plans were made for a new, accessible residential neighborhood to rise on the old institution grounds. A place where clients and neighborhood residents could build a beautiful neighborhood and future together.

Kloostervelden was born!

Meanwhile, Kloostervelden is a neighborhood in full development. All clients have moved into new care homes, which meet all the conveniences demanded by today's care landscape, and have the appearance of a regular residential home.

In between, residential homes for regular living have been and are being built. Like a melting pot, the clients of Kempenhaeghe and the "new residents" live comfortably side by side. With a fancy word, we call this reverse integration. Under the guidance of neighborhood coach Simone Kuilder, various initiatives are being set up to strengthen the social character of Kloostervelden and the mutual ties.

In addition to "The Brothers," which also serves as the "living room" of Kloostervelden, there are several other facilities where meeting is key. Be sure to also take a look at the monastery farm, fitness, the trail or the natural playground.

See you at Kloostervelden!