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Amid the vast natural areas of the Strabrechtse Heide, the Groote Heide and the Achelse Kluis lie the four village centers of the municipality of Heeze-Leende. Heeze, Leende, Sterksel and Leenderstrijp breathe tranquility and space. Above all, they invite you to recreate and enjoy the local Masterpieces.

Tourism info Heeze and Leende

The information point in Heeze can be found in book and office bookstore Lektura in the Jan Deckersstraat in Heeze.

The information point in Leende is located in the Schammert, just across the church in Leende.

Here you will find an extensive range of cycling and walking maps, (travel) books and packages.

Be informed about fun products and much more. You will also find free information leaflets and brochures about the villages of Heeze, Leende, Leenderstrijp and Sterksel, De Groote Heide and the region.

Staying over

With several hotels, recreation parks, B&Bs and campsites, some group accommodations and various rental homes, it is not difficult to find a place to stay in Heeze-Leende. A warm welcome and a pleasant stay with good facilities awaits guests everywhere.

Sleeping in a luxury star hotel, in a mobile home, care farm or in a real hikers' hut, in Heeze-Leende it is all possible.

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Tourist Starting Point

In Heeze, Leende and Sterksel there are a number of tourist starting points. These tourist starting points, recognizable by the large orange flag in front of the door, are meant for cyclists and hikers coming with their own transportation. It is easy to park and start a bicycle or walking route. There is also the opportunity for a snack, drink and sanitary stop. Cycle routes, bicycle labels and walking routes are available free of charge.

Locations where these tourist starting points can be found:

  • Sterksel - the Brothers
  • Heeze - Loef, Heer van Hees
  • Heeze - Heidecafe de Strabrechtse Heide
  • Leende - De Schammert