Discover Heeze-Leende

Heeze, Leende, Sterksel, and Leenderstrijp welcome you

Four village centers, all equally beautiful.

The municipality of Heeze-Leende is rich in four village centers, each with its own characteristic features and history

Heeze, the Pearl of Brabant.

The largest village center, Heeze, is known for its beautiful castle, Kasteel Heeze, and the annual Brabantsedag, the largest theater parade of the year. The castle is surrounded by a forest. The Brabantsedag is a special event where 16 float-building groups showcase their creative floats, depicting the culture and history of Brabant.

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Leende, the most beautiful place. 

Leende, the second-largest village center, has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. The village is situated in the middle of the natural area called Strabrechtse Heide, an expansive nature reserve ideal for hiking and cycling.

In Leende, you'll find the Sint Petrus' Bandenkerk, a monumental church dating back to the 15th century, renowned for its distinctive architectural style. The church boasts a unique combination of Romanesque and Gothic elements and houses numerous old artworks and decorations, including beautiful stained glass windows

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Sparkling Sterksel. 

Sterksel is the smallest village center and is known for its tranquility and rural character. The village is located in the vicinity of the natural surroundings of Strabrechtse Heide, providing ample opportunities for walking and cycling. In Sterksel, you can truly enjoy the rural charm of the village

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Lovely Leenderstrijp. 

Leenderstrijp is a small and picturesque village known for its authentic charm. The village boasts several well-preserved monumental buildings and farms. In Leenderstrijp, you can find a church, a museum, and a cozy village café where you can enjoy some food and drinks.

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The groote Heide

The municipality of Heeze-Leende offers something for everyone: beautiful castles, historical buildings, expansive natural areas, and cozy village cafes. Whether you're seeking culture, nature, or just a pleasant day out, these four village centers have it all to offer.

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