One of the most important national monuments in the Netherlands

Kapelstraat 25, Heeze
040 - 226 1431

Castle Heeze-Leende is, as one of the few castles in the Netherlands, still inhabited.

The history of the castle Everyone knows of course the castle in Heeze but not everyone is aware of its history. Before the formation of the municipalities as we know them today, the Heerlijkheid Heeze, Leende and Zesgehuchten was the administrative center. The area was governed by the lord of the castle and justice was even administered there. A remnant of this is the existing prison within the castle. The area that was governed ran from the Achelse kluis to the edge of what is now Eindhoven (Stratum). It also included large parts of Sterksel and the Strabrechtse Heide.

Napoleon abolished this form of government and established municipalities on May 14, 1810. The castle and especially the medieval part is the oldest building in Heeze-Leende and dates back to the 13th century. Later a castle was built in front of it under the architecture of master builder Post. This created two courtyards, which is quite unique. Also unique is the interior, partly from 1795, with its beautiful original wallpaper and magnificent gobelins. Another important part of the estate is certainly the environment that has developed around the castle over the centuries. The castle and its surroundings are inseparable.